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>> Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love days like today, lazy Sundays. We don't have to be anywhere or do anything we don't want to. Piper didn't go to bed until around 9:30 last night, she wasn't up with me just laying in bed NOT SLEEPING. Oh well, she didn't wake up Violet and eventually went down. The beautiful thing was that she slept until almost 8 this morning - mama got to sleep in! We got Matt up around 9 and were out on the water by 10. It is very overcast and somewhat cool here today, perfect for not frying little girl's skin. The island that we brought the boat to only had 2 other families there so it was nice and quiet. Once Piper gets in the water she is happy and there isn't much you can do to get her out. Violet was napping when we first arrived so I didn't get in for about an hour. We just got the Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy for Violet to float around in and had a Sun Smart one (a.k.a. boat) that is still working great for Piper. In fact, she has learned how to kick her feet to make her "boat" go where she wants it to and there is no stopping her now. Sadie chased a ball until she broke it in half and it sunk - crazy dog! The girls were pretty worn out when we left and now everyone is napping except me, I should go and lay down when I have the chance but here I am...blogging!

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