Sleeping Beauty

>> Friday, February 13, 2009

We actually had one of those mornings. It was the kind of morning where the girls fought over just about everything that they touched. Violet wanted what Piper had and if Piper did decide to give in and let her play with *insert whatever here* Violet would then want what Piper picked up next. It was fight after fight after fight. Even when we went outside this morning they fought over which swing they wanted to be on - ugh! Let's just say they were both in bed for naps by 11:30 and as exhausted as they made me I laid down too. Feeling better after waking up I brought them down to a little boutique by us where Sleeping Beauty was making an appearance. They were doing face painting, decorating cupcakes, and then of course the princess :) Violet wanted no part of Sleeping Beauty and Piper was super shy but she still managed to stand next to her for a minute :)


melanie Saturday, February 14, 2009  

Ahhh- the sisterly fighting!! But the pictures are adorable and it looks like they had fun.

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