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>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am not a cold weather girl. I grew up in the midwest and finally had enough and moved to the balmy state of CA then met Matt and moved to the semi-balmy state of NC. I can only say semi b/c some days it is really cold here for me :) That would not be the case today though, it should hit 70 soon if it is not already there. If you read my post on Friday I was going to talk hubs into going to the zoo, Piper actually decided she would rather stay here today and play so that is what we did this morning. They are down for naps after a good morning outside and then this afternoon I am taking them to a little art school to make special valentines for their daddy - while he stays here and works on his honey do list.

The sun felt so good on our faces - I can't wait until spring is officially here!

There was a time when I thought that Piper would never learn her letters. She had absolutely no interest in it. I would sit and *try* to make it seem fun but she wanted no part of that. The little girl that I watch got her into art and drawing so she much prefers to make pictures than learn things like letters and numbers. Well, something clicked in her head during all that talking that I thought was going in one ear and out the other b/c not only does she know her letters she can write them too - like I said who knew she was listening b/c it didn't appear that she was :) Now she wants to write everything and wants me to spell all sorts of words for her so that she can write them. Here is a sampling of her morning - Violet is backwards but at the top, then comes daddy, Piper is in there somewhere but then she tried to cram 2 words too close together and I can't remember what they are now :) Anyway, I just had to brag on my girl for a minute b/c I am pretty proud of her.


Andrea Sunday, February 08, 2009  

That's awesome...go Piper! I loooove little kid letters and writing. :)

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