>> Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok, today we were coloring and Piper showed me this picture. I asked her if it was Lily, our cat, and she said "No mama, it is you b/c you have green eyes". I am not quite sure what I am growing out of the side of me but it is going in a frame in our bedroom b/c I thought it was pretty darn cool that she decided to draw me - Daddy is a total favorite here :)

Speaking of bedrooms, we are going to try and get those girls to stay in their room by themselves tonight. I have tried to psych them up for it all day today. Wish us luck. I am not sure if it was reflux, my sore back, the babe that has it's nights and days confused (and it isn't even here yet), or Violet's doll that kept hitting me but last night I was up for seriously 3 hours. I am going to sleep like a rock tonight *fingers crossed*.


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