Her eye is crying - again!

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

It might be time to go back and see our doctor b/c Violet has been having a crying eye for about a month. Normally it just tears but sometimes it is as if she has a cold in her eye and it is sort of goopy. From the picture you can tell it is just tearing right now but she came to me this morning and told me that her eye was crying and so was her babies. I am afraid she might have got whatever Piper and I had last week, will it end with us or will Matt get it?

After 3 days of being under the weather you can imagine what our home looked like. 4 dogs, 2 kiddos, and me - we can make a mess now :) This morning I was picking up a few rooms before I decided to kick back again b/c I am already tired and while I was doing this the girls were playing in the playroom. Out comes my little babywearer with "Lilo" her favorite Christmas doll. I haven't seen her touch this sling in probably 3 months but her and her babe were going to CVS - like mother like daughter.

Ok, I have to get motivated to clean some more and then errands this afternoon after naps - and of course I will be stalking the mailman to see if my diapers have come :)


Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) Friday, February 27, 2009  

So cute!! Santa brought my daughter a baby doll sling but she doesn't like to wear it which makes me sad. (because they look so adorable like little mommies)

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