>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

That would have described Violet this morning when she was trying to find her "purple baby" that Santa brought her. How sad is it that after not finding it right away I grabbed my camera and took her picture :) Poor Violet. We found the baby though and life is good again. Another mama actually gave me the idea to do these in b&w and by looking at her conversion I *tried* to make my meager attempt at it too. Practice, practice, practice - thank you Sam for my new software :)


One Crafty Mumma Sunday, February 08, 2009  

oh she is so adorable even with those tears :)

Drea Sunday, February 08, 2009  

awe look at those tears!

melanie Sunday, February 08, 2009  

Oh those big tears made my heart hurt. Adorable though!

The Mantel Family Monday, February 09, 2009  

Oh my goodness she was so sad!!! Poor baby girl!

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