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>> Friday, September 18, 2015

Where has the week gone? I have been sick and it is quite frankly kicking my butt! Still have to have the girls to their activities though. I took a personal day on Tuesday and canceled everything :) Well except getting kids to school, laundry, dishes, supper etc... So finally on Friday I am working on this post :)

Hanging with the Peanuts Gang!  #harmonyhall #carowinds #heycharliebrown
We, along with everyone else in Charlotte, decided to go to Carowinds on Labor Day. It was another tough day to let the older girls ride those big rides but I did it. They had a ball! Ruby wasn't feeling it so we just followed the older ones around the park. Baby girl and I did have Dipping Dots.
My sidekick. #lovethisgirl #whatsupwiththesixfingers #wishshehadabedtime
She stays up WAY too late hanging out with me. Thankfully the Walking Dead isn't on so I am only watching Chopped right now. #shelovesmemost
Survived 4 hours of volleyball games. Baby girl was such a trooper! #volleyball #fitkids #siaa
Both girls are in volleyball this year and let me tell you it is HARD! I am having to ask friends for help because this mama can't be at 2 places at one time. Last week one had a game at 11 and the other at 12 BUT at schools across town from each other. I will not stress out. I will not stress out. I will not stress out.
17 hilly miles done with the lovely @kathymagnanti & temps were excellent!  #runger #INKnBURN #hana #mrtt #marathontraining #yumm #getinmybelly
What do you eat after running 17 miles? A Burning Love Burger from Red Robin that is what! #YUM

That's all folks!


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