Is that snow on the ground?

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't laugh. It snowed here on Saturday night. I am guessing that a lot of it melted at our house right away. I have seen some Facebook pics that friends had a lot more than us. I am not sure we would have gotten a snowman made without it being pretty hairy with all the grass sticking up. Fam was down in the big city watching Yo Gabba Gabba Live when it happened - such a fun time by the way! At intermission I brought the girls to the window to show them the white stuff outside and they wanted to come home and play. Mama was too LAZY It was too late when we finally got home to go then but in true kid fashion they got up at 6:30 the next morning and started begging right off. Finally around 7 I couldn't take it anymore and threw them out. Yep, still in their pj's but without gloves or hats they were off to touch snow. Younger two lasted about 30 minutes but Piper stayed out over an hour playing with the dogs.

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Then later that morning it melted. God bless Charlotte NC. My kids saw snow but I didn't have to shovel. Perfection.


Natalie A. Wednesday, February 20, 2013  

The girls are growing up! I love those days where the snow melts in the same day! I hope all is going well your way!!

Cara Friday, February 22, 2013  

Love the shot with the lens flare! I thought I would miss snow moving to CA but being close to Lake Tahoe we can go visit it whenever we like and not have to shovel!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, February 28, 2013  

You really are living the dream when you don't have to shovel! It hasn't been the worst winter for snow here, but I sure am ready to see some sunshine!


Anonymous Wednesday, March 06, 2013  

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Unknown Thursday, March 14, 2013  

We had the same kind of snow. I wish it had stayed around a little longer.

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