Party like a rockstar!

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like Piper had a birthday party on Saturday and I like decided to go too. Piper was like "Are you serious?" Um, yeah! We were like all invited so we are like going. Piper was like "Whatever!" I was stoked when there was a totally rad dj and dancing. I did not dance because Piper would have been like "Oh my Gosh, like what are you doing?" Like Violet like felt like a big girl hanging with Piper and her totally awesome friends. Like, OK. Piper like loved having her hair crimped because it was totally awesome. Like Violet thought her side pony was rad fer sure. Time to party hardy.


Whew, trying to talk like we did in the 80's is hard even for a paragraph :) So in addition to the party we also had the craziest weather here on Saturday. In the morning and early afternoon we had thunderstorms and it was so windy! I couldn't believe how we were almost blown away! Lots of random things were blown away at the party. Plates, napkins, pizza. It was comical to watch.


Tara Tuesday, April 19, 2011  

Happy Birthday Piper!!! Love that photo! LOL at 80s speak...I had to reread it a couple of times!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Wednesday, April 20, 2011  

Wow, did I really talk like that? How fun though having an 80's theme. I do remember my crimping iron!

The girls look adorable - beautiful shot!

Buckeroomama Wednesday, April 20, 2011  

I'm looking at this pic and am thinking that this would be a great shot for this week's IHF's theme (Windy). =)

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