Monday Mingle 4.25.11

>> Monday, April 25, 2011

I thought that I might mingle yesterday but I was exhausted after our busy Easter. Matt and I went to bed before 9pm. The girls were in bed BY 7pm. It was nice. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. Now on to our family mingle :)

and the questions were...
1. Do you have an iPod or other music source? Name 3 artists from different genres that you currently have on there.
2. What are your plans for Easter?
3. What traditions did you have for Easter when you were a kid?

Link up with Eighty MPH Mom and her Monday Mingles!


Debbie Monday, April 25, 2011  

Happy Monday Jessie,
That is so cute how all your sleepy heads wandered in and mingled with you. Coldplay is awesome and so is Paul Simon. Sounds like you had a nice Easter hunting eggs and being with friends. Have a great week :)

Chrissy Monday, April 25, 2011  

I love how Ruby extends her arm to hug in Piper for the mingle. very cute. all four of you!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Tuesday, April 26, 2011  

What a sweet family you have - I think I want to come and live with you guys! Your Easter sound like so much fun and going on the boat sounds like a blast. What lucky girls!

I love your music choices - Coldplay is awesome :)

Have a wonderful week!

DaenelT Wednesday, April 27, 2011  

The girls are too cute hugging each other and crowding out your lap.

Sounds like you guys had a great Easter.

Have a wonderful week.

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