Wordful Wednesday - Smile

>> Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things that make me smile.


Piper's face when she first looked in the mirror and saw the hot pink feather that is decorating her hair for the next few weeks. Priceless.

Need I say more?


She sleeps with me when Matt is away. She hugs me 100 times a day at least. She sits on my lap and gives me unexpected kisses. She doesn't leave me alone and is always a bright spot in my day. Our Violet is exactly what I need right now.

My Man

Obviously he lives with me so he should receive some sort of award. I smile when he walks through the door, he brings me out of low places, and our girls adore him. Me too :)


Kimberly Wednesday, February 15, 2012  

Your photos are absolutely stunning. I'm loving the tongue shot...miss sassy pants ;)

angie Thursday, February 16, 2012  

You weren't kidding when you said we had the same Wordful Wednesday. Great minds think alike. :) Lovely photos of your loves!

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