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>> Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking a picture each day is harder than you would think so I turn the camera to things around the house. A lot. I could probably take a picture of our girls each day but that might be boring (for anyone other than me). So what do you do at 9pm or so when you realize that you haven't taken you photo for that day? Elmo? Sure why not?


Santa brought Elmo to live with us. Baby girl loves him! Loves him! Not everyone is allowed to play with Elmo. Not everyone meaning Violet. Have I mentioned the fighting between those two?


Then you glance over and see this. Violet and Ruby sitting together. Reading? What? Small miracles do happen at our home once in awhile.

48/366 dinner at Epic

In less than a month hubs and I went out 2x. Records are made to be broken right? We ordered this amazing cheesy bread. I got this wedge salad. Matt started with a lobster bisque and then went for it with a 28oz porterhouse. Holy cow right? Literally. I ordered a side of asparagus and ate some of his meat because there was so much of it. After 2 glasses of wine I was full, satisfied, and ready for bed. What did Matt do? He went and dined on Arctic Char that a friend of ours was making for a food competition. Yep, that is my husband for you.
Arctic Char


Ruby was ticked off at me when I took this picture because I made her give me the iPod she was playing with first. 2 year olds and technology :) We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday instead of Tuesday because Matt was out of town. The girls spent a lot of time picking out their outfits. I wasn't loving them, being the fashionista that I am *ha*, but I am picking my battles lately and they were so proud. We went to a "fancy" restaurant and then came home and made chocolate chip cookies and watched the Shootout. Perfect Valentine's right?


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