>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

I procrastinate and then I stress EVERY year over Christmas cards - why? This morning Matt and I took the girls to yet again try and get a Christmas picture for our card and again (mostly b/c of my lack of experience) didn't get a good picture. I got a fabulous shot of the both of them but their faces are shadowed. Ugh, I can see me addressing them like 2 days before Christmas :) I know that I can't talk any of them into going back this afternoon either and look at how pretty the campus that we went to was - I like this one of Matt and the girls especially the face on Violet. Anyway, wish me luck b/c I need it.


Andrea Sunday, December 07, 2008  

Oh yeah...Christmas cards. I have got the picture, but I'm procrastinating on the rest. I like that one you posted on your blog though...you should just use that one! ;) Good luck....

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