>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It is a definite favorite in our home with both girls. Violet likes to use cookie cutters and rolling pins and lately Piper has started to create things with hers. She made a face - way to go Piper! Honestly she would have used other colors but I didn't want to open up every single container that we had b/c then the Playdoh gets mixed together or gets hard so they were only allowed 1 each. I am probably holding back her creativity huh?

Today I let them open about 8 containers and have a good old time playing with it and when I asked them to clean up they ignored me. The second time I asked them to clean up Piper told me "No, I don't want to" and then headed to time out. I warned them to pick up and after asking a third time I threw their Playdoh away. I might not have had the guts to do this but a few weeks ago a friend of mine threw her children's toys away for the same reason and I thought to myself you know this is how they will learn. It still feels weird though.


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