To the big city we go :)

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yesterday the girls and I went to the city to have some lunch with our good friends Shawna and Amber. We got to ride the trolley (bus that looks like a trolley) to the restaurant and then got to watch the train come and go from the restaurant. It took Piper a bit to warm up but once she is warm watch out b/c she'll talk your ear off, which she did to Shawna on our walk back to their office. Now Violet on the other hand is a challenge b/c of her temper and she is also very clingy with me right now so that doesn't help. I so wanted her to be outgoing yesterday but she is a mama's girl right now that is for sure. Anyway, we had a ball and hope to do it again sometime soon. Afterwards we headed to a mall so I could return some items and they got a double treat - a carousel ride. Piper rode on a bench and Violet on a mermaid horse. It was fun that is for sure. We ended the day with Megan coming for supper which both girls love. It was a very good day, but mama is TIRED OUT!

Hopefully I will actually get a Wordless Wednesday post out today, I have been slack with the camera this week.


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