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>> Saturday, April 26, 2008

The past few days my nights have consisted of watching the few shows that I am addicted to (LOVED the past Lost episode!!) and entering as many of the Bloggy Giveaway contests that interested me. There were more than 800 blogs offering prizes, I no where near entered them all only the ones that I thought our family (me) would enjoy the most. Keep your fingers crossed that we get a package :)

The last few days have been HOT to say the least. The kids have been outside almost all day. Between the swing set and our big deck they have been tired girlies at night time. Now if Violet would just SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT we would be all set. I have been playing with my camera again and trying my best to keep it out of auto mode but it is hard when you have 2 fast moving kiddos running every which way. Oh, how I love auto mode :) Anyway, this morning the girls sat outside and played with their playdoh while I played with my camera and drank my cup of coffee. Aren't they sweet :) I totally screwed around with these photos and I am not sure that I like what the end result is...will have to learn more about "fixing" photos.


Andrea Saturday, April 26, 2008  

My hubby is a big Lost fan as well! :) And all those contests...yikes! There were so many...I entered the ones I thought I'd like to win as well...but like you, I didn't enter nearly all 800 of them!

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